Ethnicloom's brand philosophy is to regain the forgotten regional artisanal weaving techniques all over Turkey, match them to global elegance in order to keep the women work force alive and traditions passed on to next generations.


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Ethnicloom was founded as a natural continuation of its creator’s lifelong passion for design and talent for beautifying spaces. These first manifested in founder Elif’s creative journey as a shop owner, buyer and interior designer, during which she often peppered rooms with an artisan kilim or a throw native to the region. Over the course of her travels and encounters with customers, she noticed an increasing demand for this kind of artisan weave and thought it a shame that the product should be so distanced from its origin process. That’s why she created Ethnicloom, a brand of luxury home weaves and accessories all hand-woven by artisans from all over Anatolia. She returns the focus to the craft with her tireless search for the perfect yarn, weave and individual collaboration with the artisan weavers.

Ethnicloom’s brand philosophy aims to revive appreciation for forgotten regional weaving craft all over Anatolia in order to keep the artisanal workforce alive and protect generations-long weaving traditions. Ethnicloom uses 100% wool, linen, hemp and natural dyes to create new products combined with unique vintage pieces hand-picked from around various regions in Anatolia   with founder Elif’s impeccable eye for texture & colors.

Ethnicloom is a strong advocate of fair trade and women’s empowerment to draw international attention to the concept of the loom back to its local roots, while also sharing the unique craftsmanship of Anatolian women with a global community.