Ethnicloom's brand philosophy is to regain the forgotten regional artisanal weaving techniques all over Turkey, match them to global elegance in order to keep the women work force alive and traditions passed on to next generations.


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Ethnicloom was founded by Elif in 2015. She always had a big affection for textiles, kilims and carpets especially the antiques and the vintage ones. She was mesmerized by their depth, color, intricate weavings and textures. She had a trained eye from a young age thanks to being dragged along by her mother to the antique shops in Turkey and around the world.

One night at a party in Manhattan while hanging out with the leading carpet manufacturers she was very surprised to hear they were manufacturing the famous Turkish OUSHAK rugs in China.

Once back in Turkey she decided to search for the best producers in the region in order to shift the production to the city of Oushak. After her extensive research she stumbled upon the perfect manufacturer and they have been partners since.

When she took a tour through various villages in the region and met the women artisans, she saw the possibilities of creating endless various weaving techniques in different regions around the country.

We will be posting more information about Ethnicloom and our products very soon. This is a trial run for our website for now. Thank you for your patience.